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Frank Papy is a true American hero. He has enabled so many people to fulfill their dreams of becoming Jacques Cousteau, or Blackbeard, even if it is just for a week out of the year.

If you have ever wanted to charter a boat, be a charter captain, cruise the Caribbean, or just the Atlantic coastline, Frank Papy's stories will put you there, one way or another. His tales are full of good humor that will lead your imagination to really wonderful places. They are enhanced with more than occasional helpful hints for the sailor as well as fishermen, about equipment and methods from experienced tricks of the trade.  And of course you will learn of many

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locations throughout the Florida Keys and Bahamas for sailing, anchoring, fishing and partying.

You will want to send a copy of "Sailing: Ideas, Impressions, Deeds" to all your friends: sailors, fishermen and landlubbers alike. Keep up the great work Fishmeal! Aaarrgh!

Sailing: Impressions, Ideas, Deeds by Frank Papy, Copyright 2002.