A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The Bahamas - Abaco Ports of Call and Anchorages and

The Chesapeake Bay Ports of Call and Anchorages


    When you are navigating into an unknown port, it is essential to have a nautical chart to guide you. However, the perfect complement to a nautical chart is a recent aerial photograph of the harbor, anchorages, and shoreline. Never is this more necessary than in the Bahamas, where shoals and reefs, which sometimes are denoted on a map, are hard to see when you are out on the water. Here is where an aerial photo is most useful for mariners.

     In The Bahamas - Abaco Ports of Call and Anchorages, Thomas Henschel and photographer Lucien Miner provide a clear understanding of how to approach and where to anchor in every port in the Abacos chain. The book, part of a series of guides which so far includes ports of the Abacos and Chesapeake Bay, is 'designed to be used in conjunction with the other guides available for cruising, as well as recommended navigational charts.'

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