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Compass Cay Marina - The marina at Compass Cay, located in one of the rare totally protected harbors in the Exumas, is accessible from the Exuma Banks and the Exuma Sound through channels marked with buoys and range markers. The island attracts boats of all sizes up to 180' mega yachts. For slips call 242-355-2137 or visit our website at:
Exuma Docking Service, George Town, PO Box EX 29019, 242-336-2578, 242-336-2023.
Minns Water Sports, George Town, P.O. Box EX 29020. 242-336-3483.
Farmer's Cay Yacht Club & Marina, Farmer's Cay. 242-355-4017.
Happy People Marina, Staniel Cay. 242-355-2034.
Sampson Cay Colony, George Town, 242-355-2034.
Scorpio Inn, Black Point. 242-355-3003.
Staniel Cay Yacht Club Ltd., Staniel Cay. 242-355-2024. 242-355-2044.
Exuma Fantasea, 242-336-3483.
Browns Boat Basin, East Bay St., P.O. Box SS-7416, New Providence. 242-393-3331, FAX: 242-393-1868.
East Bay Yacht Basin, East Bay St., PO Box SS-6871, New Providence. 242-394-1816
Lyford Cay, PO Box N-7776, New Providence. 242-362-4131. 
Nassau Harbour Club Hotel & Marina, East Bay St.PO Box SS-5755, New Providence. 242-393-0771, FAX: 242-393-5393
Nassau Yacht Haven, East Bay St., PO Box SS-5693, New Providence. 242-393-8173, FAX: 242-393-3429
Claridge Marina, South Nassau. 242-364-2218.
Paradise Island
The Marina at Atlantis, 242-363-6068, 1-800-ATLANTIS, FAX: 242-363-6008.
Hurricane Hole Marina, PO Box SS-6317, Paradise Island. 242-363-3600. FAX: 242-363-3604.
Paradise Harbour Club & Marina, Paradise Island Dr. PO Box SS-5804. 242-363-2992, FAX: 242-363-2840.
Grand Bahama Island
Deep Water Cay Club, Deep Water Cay, PO Box F-4039, 242-353-3073, FAX: 242-359-4831.
Running Mon Marina & Resort, 208 Kelly Ct./Bahama Trail. PO Box F-42663. 242-352-6834, FAX: 242-352-6835.
Lucayan Marina Village, Midshipman Rd., Lucaya. PO Box F-43234. 242-373-888, FAX: 242-373-7630.
Ocean Reef Yacht Club, 54 Bahama Reef Blvd., Lucaya. PO Box F-42695. 242-373-4662, FAX: 242-373-8621.
Port Lucaya Marina, Seahorse Rd., Port Lucaya. PO Box F-43233. 242-373-9090, FAX: 242-373-5884
Marina at West End, Old Bahamas Bay, West End. 242-346-6211, FAX: 242-346-6648.
Xanadu Beach Marina & Resort, Sunken Treasure Drive, PO Box F-42439, Freeport. 242-352-6872, FAX: 242-352-5788.
Bluff House Club & Marina, Green Turtle Cay. 800-745-4911. 242-365-4247. FAX: 242-365-4248.
Club Soleil Resort & Marina, Hope Town, Elbow Cay. 800-688-4752 242-366-0003 FAX: 242-355-0254.
Abaco Yacht Services Ltd., Green Turtle Cay, 242-365-4033.
Hope Town Hideaways, Hope Town. 242-366-0224.
Conch Inn Resort & Marina, Marsh Harbour, PO Box AB 20464, 242-367-4000/4004, FAX: 242-367-2980.
Boat Harbour Marina, (Great Abaco Beach Hotel) Marsh Harbour, PO Box AB-20511, 800-468-4799, 242-367-2158, FAX: 242-367-2819.
Green Turtle Club & Marina, Green Turtle Cay, PO Box AB 22792, 800-688-4752, 242-365-4271, FAX: 242-365-4272.
Guana Beach Resort & Marina, Guana Cay, PO Box AB 20474, 800-227-3366, 242-365-5133.
Harbour View Marina, East Bay, Marsh Harbour, PO Box 20902, 242-367-3910.
Hope Town Marina Club Soleil Resort, 242-366-0003, 242-366-0254.
Lighthouse Marina, Hope Town, 242-366-0154, FAX: 242-366-0171.
Man-O-War Cay Marina, 242-365-6008, FAX: 242-365-6151.
Marsh harbour Marina, Pelican Shores, Marsh Harbour. PO Box AB 20578, 242-367-2700, 242-367-2033.
Other Shore Club, Green Turtle Cay, 242-365-4195.
Sea Spray Resort Villas & Marina, White Sound. 800-688-4752. 242-366-0065. FAX:242-366-0383.
Spanish Cay Marina, Spanish Cay, PO Box 882, Cooper's Town, 800-688-4752, FAX: 242-365-0466.
Treasure Cay Beach Hotel & Marina, Treasure Cay. PO BOx AB 22183, 242-365-8535, 242-365-8362.
Triple J Marina, Bay St. Marsh Harbour, PO Box AB 20285, 242-367-2163. FAX: 242-367-3388.
Walker's Cay Hotel/Marina, Walker's Cay. 242-353-1252, 800-WALKERS, FAX: 242-352-3001.
Lighthouse Yacht Club & Marina, Fresh Creek. 242-368-2305, 242-368-2300.
Andros Beach Hotel & Villas, Nicholl's Town, 242-368-2582.
Chickcharnie Hotel, Fresh Creek. 242-368-2025.
Berry Islands
Chub Cay Club & Marina, 242-325-1490, 242-322-5199.
Great Harbour Cay Marina, Great Harbour Cay. PO Box General Delivery. 242-367-8005, In the US 561-391-7737.
Bimini Big Game Fishing Club, Alice Town, N. Bimini. PO Box 699. 800-737-1007, 242-347-3391, FAX: 242-347-3392.
Sea Crest Hotel & Marina, Alice Town, N. Bimini. PO Box 654. 242-347-3071, FAX: 242-347-3495.
Bimini Blue Water Marina, Alice Town, N. Bimini. PO Box 601. 242-347-3166, 242-347-3291, FAX: 242-347-3293.
Cat Cay Yacht Club, 242-347-3565.
Weech's Dock, 242-347-2028, 242-347-3508.
Bimini Sands, South Bimini. 242-347-3500, FAX: 242-347-3501
Bimini Reef Club & Marina, South Bimini. 242-359-9449.
Cat Island
Hawk's Nest Resort & Marina, New Bight. 242-357-7257.
Eleuthera/Harbour Island/Spanish Wells
Harbour Island Club & Marina, Harbour Island. PO Box EL 27043. 242-333-2427.
Hatchet Bay Marina, Harbour Island Town Dock, 242-332-0186.
Spanish Wells Yacht Haven/ Spanish Wells Marina, Spanish Wells. PO Box 27427. 242-333-4255, FAX: 242-333-4649.
Valentine's Yacht Club & Inn, Dunmore Town, Harbour Island. PO Box 1. 242-333-2142, FAX: 242-333-2135.
Palmetto Shores, 242-332-1306.
Spanish Wells Marina & Hardware, Spanish Wells. 242-333-4122.
Matthew Town Dock
Long Island
Stella Maris Inn & Marina, Stella Maris. PO Box LI 30105. 800-426-0466, FAX: 242-338-2052, 242-338-2055. 
Clarence Town Dock
Hardings Supply Center, on Salt Pond.
Rum Cay
Sumner Point Marina, Rum Cay 242-331-2823
San Salvador
Riding Rock Inn, Cockburn Town. 800-272-1482, 242-331-2631, FAX: 242-331-2020.

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