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Solar Stik™ - Power on the Move

The Solar Stik™ is a revolutionary solar power-generating system. Solar panels produce more power in direct sunlight and the inability of most systems to aim their solar panels toward the sun results in a short, daily window of direct sun exposure.

One of the many different ways you can set up your Solar Stik on  your boat.

The Solar Stik™ has two 50 watt solar panels, attached to an Internationally patented mounting system, which provides unparalleled maneuverability and maximum daily solar panel exposure to the sun.  As a result, the Solar Stik™ panels can operate at their rated capacity all day as compared to conventional flat or fixed mounted panels.  This results in a net power gain of typically more than 100% in a 24 hour period.

The Ultimate Independent Powerstation...
The Solar Stik™ system is available in two versions: the Solar Stik™ Terra and the Solar Stik™ Marine, and both can be accessorized according to their application.

Lightweight, rugged and portable, the Solar Stik™ can be erected or disassembled in just a few minutes, and provides reliable power where ever it is needed.  Why contend with fumes, noise, maintenance and constant refueling associated with gas and diesel power generation?  The Solar Stik™ technology provides 12 VOLT DC power production, using only the sun...  even during a cloudy day.  

Built in the USA, The Solar Stik™ is designed to be a one-time purchase... There are no “upgrades” or “planned obsolescence” built into this system. The panels are rated for 25 years of power production, and the Solar Stik™ components are built for a 25 year life as well.  The panels, the mast, and the mount assemblies are all built to be used in the most extreme conditions... excessive desert heat, salt water, snow, ice, UV from the sun... It is totally impervious to the elements.  Additionally, all components are designed to be field serviceable, and rapidly adapted to to different applications.  When the Solar Stik™ is used with accessories such as the Power Pak or antennae mountings, it becomes a truly versatile power platform that can "multi-task".

You pick the place... we’ll provide the power... it truly is “power on the move!”

Tripod Solar Stik Package Power Pak 50 - $6,425
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Tripod Solar Stik Package Power Pak 100 - $6,675


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