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SCROLL DOWN here to find below many of the boat rental companies in NH. Boats & Yachts can be expensive to maintain. Renting a boat or yacht has many advantages, one of which is a low cost compared to owning and maintaining a boat or yacht. Also, you can rent different types of boats and yachts each time you go on your boat rental adventure.

In areas where the are several boat rental companies you MAY be able to negotiate a better rental agreement than the company advertises.

In 2002 the State of New Hampshire enacted a new law that pertains to boat operation and boating safety on state waters. This law requires that all persons possess a certificate of boating safety education when operating a motorized vessel with any type of power motor in excess of 25 horsepower on the public waters of New Hampshire.

Note: The State of New Hampshire certificate is not required if you can produce proof that you hold a NASBLA approved safety certificate from another state.

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Lake Winnepesaukee
Anchor Marine, 26 Lakeside Ave., Weirs Beach, NH 03247 603-366-4311



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