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Anchorages - Florida Keys

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Note: These anchorage notes are for reference only. Sail Miami will not be held responsible for anything that happens as a consequence of reading these reviews! Please obtain current local knowledge before attempting to navigate or anchor in any of these areas.  

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Arsnicker Keys - Biscayne Bay   25?22.631N  80?18.459N

Anchoring behind keys. Approach from the south, too shallow from the north. Once inside do not go too north, there is very little water the farther north you go. No land facilities nearby.

Pumpkin Key @ Angelfish Creek

Good deep water. A lot of cruisers go out to the Bahamas through Angelfish Creek. Protected on South side, depending on the wind. Easy day sail from Miami.

Near Manatee Marina in Manatee Bay.

Very shallow, you're in the wilderness here. 

Largo Sound in John Pennekamp State Park. 

If you going to stay overnight the rangers will make you take a mooring. This is a very protected anchorage. The entrance is from the south. There are all kinds of facilities nearby. Mangroves all around. 

Blackwater Sound

Accessible from the ICW. Plenty of water, shoreside facilities abound as you are right in the middle of downtown Key Largo. Only protected from the west. 

Key Largo Near Pt. Charles  25?04.850  80?26.918

Marinas all around. Plenty of water, but its tight. Not more than a few boats. Extremely well protected.

Behind Rodriguez Key 

Terrible in unsettled weather. Holding ground stinks. Be very careful, not recommended.

Snake Creek Bridge     24? 57.281   80?35.278

Nice anchorage if you are coming from inside, on Bay side of Snake Creek.

Community Harbor in Tavernier
Behind Tavernier Key

It's tricky but awful. Not recommended.

Whale Harbor

Steer clear of anchoring in Whale Harbor if at all possible. Many people hanging out & having parties on the famous sandbar, lots of boats coming from Holiday Isle. Add to that the Keys famously bad holding ground and it can spell disaster. 

Matacumbe Bight

Populated area, recommended. Plenty of water 4 to 7 feet. 

Channel 5 - South side of bridge.

There is plenty of water right by the bridge Channel 5. Follow the channel on the south side. On the north side no place is good, very shallow.

Tom's Harbor @ Duck Key

Ocean side. Current strong in Tom's Harbor Channel. Stick to the channel. Shallow draft vessels only, 4 to 5 feet. 

North side of Vaca Key

Plenty of water, good marinas but bad holding. In settled weather, ok.

Boot Key Harbor - Entrance from Ocean side

Big boats have been anchoring on West side of Boot Key, which is protected from the east only. Access to all kinds of good facilities.

Boot Key Harbor Anchorage

8 feet max. depth, 65 ft. max to clear the cables. 5 feet through Sisters Creek. Good facilities, protected. Now a managed mooring field. Contact the Marathon City Marina on the VHF for availability. Free anchoring still allowed in areas outside managed mooring area.


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